Published November 9th 2023

Daily Brief - ☀️ Breakout or recession?

TLDR: Hitting a trendline is always an exciting time for traders - shall we break out? Shall we retrace? With so much noise about a recession, a contrarian bet might pay.

Nasdaq 100 ETF (QQQ): Last 12 Months

Recession is the new word of the month.

The Financial Times shows its journalistic grit with the brilliant title We do not need a recession, but we may get one. LOL who ever “needed” a recession? These economists sometimes…here’s the link anyway.

WSB is surprisingly more adroit and points us to classic indicators like the inverted 2s10s curve and tightening bank lending.

The point being, this is a market that will SWING. And if you like to trade, this is market offers numerous opportunities.

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Secondly, with VIX at 14 and a trendline right below us it’s squarely straddle time.

What's happening in the markets?

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Let's delve into the world of electric vehicles. The week began with Tesla's exciting revelation about its forthcoming affordable mass-produced electric vehicle to be manufactured at its German Gigafactory, expected to be priced around $27,000.

This revelation triggered a significant dip in the stock prices of most electric vehicle companies on Monday. However, there was an exception – Li Auto's stock actually surged by nearly 10% on that very day.

Li Auto has managed to distinguish itself as a formidable competitor to Tesla in the highly competitive electric vehicle market in China. Last week, the company reported October delivery figures that were four times greater than the previous year, marking a significant achievement.

Tomorrow, Li Auto is set to announce its earnings report, which has investors eagerly anticipating whether the company can maintain its financial prowess in the face of Tesla's dominance. As we prepare for this announcement, it's worth examining how the stock typically performs historically after earnings – the results might be surprisingly insightful.

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Earnings Update: AstraZeneca reports tomorrow

AstraZeneca reports tomorrow

The COVID vaccine producer is branching out into therapeutics in areas including oncology, immunology and rare diseases through a $245 million investment in French biotechnology company Cellectis.

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Asset Spotlight: This one's for the Pros!

Sweet Light Crude Oil's RSI crossed below 30 yesterday - indicating the asset could be oversold

Sweet Light Crude Oil's RSI crossed below 30 yesterday - indicating the asset could be oversold. Head over to the Scenario tool to see the historical implication on future oil prices, or create the condition for any other asset.

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General Interest: The Hidden Connection That Changed Number Theory

Musk meme

If you love number theory and all things prime, you will enjoy this.

Quadratic reciprocity lurks around many corners in mathematics. By proving it, number theorists reimagined their whole field. Read more here on Quanta.

Pic unrelated, we just like to make fun of Musk.

Daily Brief - ☀️ Breakout or recession?

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