Published July 30th 2022

The Friday Edition (July 29 2022)

The 10 days ahead: TOGGLE Leading Indicator

The TLI is now live on the web!

The TLI’s continued to successfully provide an indication of market direction during July, as you can see below.

Recently the index dipped into negative territory, staying right below the -0.15 threshold.

Please note this happened in concomitance with the Fed’s most recent announcement and that external macro factors can override fundamental considerations for a while.

tli july 29 2022

To learn more about the indicator and its track record, watch our Guide to TLI video here and read it here.

And for those looking for accuracy analytics, here’s our statistical assessment for the TLI:

tli assessment july 29

General Interest - The wondrous creations of DALL·E Every week we endeavour to bring you one high quality article post of general interest

DALL·E is a neural network that creates images from text captions.

You provide a prompt like “man wearing white shirt and eating an apple” and it creates pictures of a man doing just that. Or a painting in the style of Monet, if you prefer. The software is hailed as the first step towards the generation of complex content by AI.

DALL·E’s results are unequivocally astounding and we wanted to take a moment to show you some examples.

A capybara at sunset in ukiyo-e style


A pentagonal green clock


A stained glass-window image of a strawberry


Discover more examples in the official gallery here. Or you can play with a simplified free version here.

The Friday Edition (July 29 2022)

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