Published June 18th 2022

Friday Edition! (June 17 2022)

The 10 days ahead: TOGGLE Leading Indicator

The TLI is now live on the platform!

The TLI has had an excellent track record in the last market swings, as you can see below. So we’ve all been watching it move higher and higher awaiting for a move into bullish territory.

With a current reading of 0.116, the indicator is getting close to the bullish threshold.

tli simple june 17 2022

To learn more about the indicator and its track record, watch our Guide to TLI video here and read it here.

And for those looking for accuracy analytics, here’s our statistical assessment for the TLI:

tli accuracy june 17 2022

General Interest - McDonalds is dead (in Russia), all hail McDonalds Every week we endeavour to bring you one high quality article post of general interest

McDonalds occupies a special place in Russia’s memory of its past.

The first Soviet McDonald’s opened in Moscow on January 31st 1990, and it carried with it a promise of all good things that would come from opening the Iron Curtain.

Muscovites flooded the place, which was treated like a luxury restaurant.

mcdonalds russia

Well, all good things have to come to an end. McDonalds recently closed all its business operations in Russia following the sanctions imposed by Western powers.

But the spirit of entrepreneurship is not to be quenched so easily. One of the largest franchisees in Siberia, Alexander Govor, snatched a deal buying all 847 Russian McDonald's outlets in early March.

The new chain will be called “Vkusno & tochka”, which translates as "Tasty and that's it". Customers were lining up already.

The minimalist logo, showcasing a round burger and two slanted fries.

mcdonalds russia june 17 2022

Read the full story here.

Friday Edition! (June 17 2022)

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