Published November 12th 2022

Friday Edition! (Nov 11 2022)


The TLI and RLI are both swinging back in bearish territory. Oh, and next week we will announce our third leading indicator!

Also, Elon is canceling work-from-home and one wonders if TSLA shareholders are feeling a wee bit abandoned...

tsla meme

The 10 days ahead: TOGGLE Leading Indicator

The TLI is the aggregate of all TOGGLE Insights, leading the markets by 10 trading days. Check it out live on the web!

tli nov 11 2022

Learn more about the TLI through the TLI video or our Learn Center!

TLI video cover

Investing 101

And for those looking for accuracy analytics, here’s our statistical assessment for the TLI:

tli accuracy nov 11

The Range Leading Indicator

With yesterday’s monster day, the RLI is currently moving back towards oversold levels. From next week, we will move the RLI to Thursday’s Daily Brief.

rli nov 11

General Interest - Elon is having fun at Twitter

The Verge reports about Elon’s first meeting with Twitter’s employees. It’s a worthy read showing Musk, for all his snake oil salesmanship, is a deep thinker.

Here’s some highlights: (a) Twitter will become a payment platform, (b) Twitter will seek to explore the short video space, and (c) no more work from home!

Read more here.

Friday Edition! (Nov 11 2022)

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