Published September 17th 2022

Friday Edition! (Sep 16 2022)

The 10 days ahead: TOGGLE Leading Indicator

The TLI is now live on the web!

After a sharp peak in positive territory, the TLI is currently swinging towards negative space - albeit the sharp market gyrations of the last few days will likely have an impact on the trend of the indicator going forward.

tli simple sep 16 2022

To learn more about the indicator and its track record, watch our Guide to TLI video here and read it here.

And for those looking for accuracy analytics, here’s our statistical assessment for the TLI:

tli accuracy sep 16 2022

The Range Leading Indicator

As introduced last week, our new range indicator helps us gauge when a security will revert inside of a trend.

The indicator snapped back above -0.75, pointing to bottom-forming price action.

tli 091622

General Interest - Floppy Disk Gold 💾 Every week we endeavour to bring you one high quality article post of general interest

During the last 10 years, the QE-fuelled bull market has lifted up the price of stocks, bonds and … any form of collectible really - just look at the price of premium watches.

An unexpected member of this group of “QE assets” is floppy disks.

floppy disk

“In the last ten years they’ve gone from ten cents to one dollar apiece” says the owner of - who made a veritable business of providing floppy disks to a large number of institutions who still use them.

These old data storage devices had already achieved immortality through their depiction as the universal “Save” icon 💾.

But it appears that they also earned another lease of active life, as a number of institutions still need them - from government branches to airlines.

Read more here.

Friday Edition! (Sep 16 2022)

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