We've partnered with Interactive Brokers to give you MAJOR perks

Copilot subscriptions are free for all IBKR users.

Pro users get their commissions reimbursed by us, every month.

Plus, new IBKR users will get discounted commission fees.

Redeem your subscription

IBKR is covering Copilot subscription fees. Trading Fee Reimbursement is available for Pro accounts.

IBKR x TOGGLE AI partnership
Interactive Brokers x TOGGLE partnership

“TOGGLE provides an excellent tool for traders, one of the best I have come across in the industry. We are glad to be associated with them.” – Thomas Peterffy, Founder and Chairman of Interactive Brokers

Redeem your IBKR perks

Do you have an Interactive Brokers account?

What will I get?

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    Interactive Brokers will cover your TOGGLE Copilot subscription!

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    We've also negotiated discounted options at only $0.50 per contract.

What do I need to do?

  • number one

    Open an account with Interactive Brokers

    Open Account

    Only customers who sign up with the above link will get access to discounted options.

  • Number two

    Once your Interactive Brokers account has been set up, make sure you're subscribed to TOGGLE Copilot or Pro

    Super important: if you already have an existing TOGGLE account or subscription, please drop us a message and we'll make sure everything goes smoothly.

It’s a no brainer!

Redeem your IBKR perks

Trading Fee Reimbursement is available for Pro accounts.

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"Free" isn't usually free

Most traders are getting the short end of the stick, especially those who are trading options.

No really, I am trading for free →
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New IBKR customers who sign up with TOGGLE Pro get options priced at $0.50 per contract.
It’s a no brainer!

Redeem your IBKR perks

Open an IBKR account

IBKR is now covering Toggle Copilot's subscription fee.

If you want to use Pro, TOGGLE will cover your trading commissions up to $99 – every month.

If you’re new to Interactive Brokers

We're covering Pro account commissions

If you're a TOGGLE Pro subscriber, your trading commissions on Interactive Brokers are on us.

Why do we like IBKR? Easy. They're an industry-leading brokerage known for its emphasis on direct trading and affordable commissions.

The best part? We’ve negotiated $0.50 options for new IBKR clients on behalf of the TOGGLE Pro users in our community, making your reimbursement go even further.

TOGGLE AI subscriber perks

Your brokerage will find a way to get paid, no matter if you:

  • Trade options and pay commissions
  • Trade blockchain coins and pay a volume-based fee
  • Trade stocks via Payment For Order Flow with popular “free” brokerages that execute your trades who, in turn, make a profit on your (bad) execution prices

Free doesn't really exist – until now.

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