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We promise it's easy to use. TOGGLE’s AI analyzes over 35,000 assets, including over 400 cryptocurrencies. We use the power of machine learning to distill observations into actionable insights for you. Filter by region, asset class, sector, market cap, drivers, and more.


Perform due diligence

Crystal balls don’t exist. If they did, we'd be retired on a beach somewhere right now. But we believe every investor should have TOGGLE AI in their trading arsenal. Like Google Maps for investing, we won’t tell you where to go, but we’ll show you how to get there by monitoring all market and fundamental data, all in real-time. No signals here.


Find out what matters

Between Elon Musk's Twitter, the news, and memestock hype on Reddit, the sheer amount of information can feel overwhelming, even for experienced traders. What’s undervalued? What news stories should you pay attention to? Which stocks might be headed for a rebound? TOGGLE will help you filter out the noise and hone in on what actually matters.

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Test your theories

What happens to EV stocks when oil prices drop? How will inflation affect how commodities behave? Connect the dots and test every market scenario you can imagine with TOGGLE Scenario. Most trading software require you to code and are pretty clunky. We designed Scenario to be intuitive, easy-to-use, and really fun.

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Toggle Insights have outperformed average retail investors by 18%

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Meet the team

TOGGLE’s founders

jan szilagyi
Jan Szilagyi
Family man and new dog dad. BS in math and MS in economics at Yale, before working for Stanley Druckenmiller. He didn't want to be an underachiever so he decided to get his quant finance Ph.D. at Harvard under Ken Rogoff. Met Giuseppe at Lombard Odier, and dreamed up TOGGLE soon after.
Giuseppe Sette
Music encyclopedia and unofficial head of Italy’s tourism board. Met Jan while they were co-CIOs of global macro at Lombard Odier. He also holds a patent in acoustic propulsion. Do you know what that is? Me neither. Former Bain, Wharton, and investor at Brevan Howard and Davidson Kempner.
armenak headshot
Armenak Mayalian
We dunno, he’s our tech guy. He’s co-founded five startups, with a couple of acquisitions under his belt. He’s got 20+ years of tech, startup, and fintech experience. Devoted husband and dachshund father. Instead of retiring on a sandy beach, he’s at TOGGLE leading all things AI and machine learning.

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