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Backed by Stanley Druckenmiller, Toggle AI answers your market questions in natural language. Best consumed with curiosity.

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How to use TOGGLE AI

From idea generation to due diligence, make TOGGLE AI do all the heavy lifting.

The ultimate suite of investing tools for the serious investor.

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Discover new trade ideas

Around the clock, TOGGLE AI analyzes nearly 40,000 global assets – including over 400 cryptocurrencies. We use the power of machine learning to turn data points into actionable insights for you. What stocks should I buy if we enter a recession?What markets are moving today?Any news should I be paying attention to?

TOGGLE insights
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Perform due diligence

Crystal balls don’t exist. If they did, we'd be retired on a beach somewhere right now. But we believe every investor should have TOGGLE AI in their trading arsenal. Like Google Maps for investing, we won’t tell you where to go, but we’ll show you how to get there by monitoring all market and fundamental data, all in real-time. No signals here. How robust is this company?How vulnerable is my portfolio to geopolitical shifts in Europe?Is there anything that I’ve missed?

Test ideas
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Test your ideas

Quickly get answers to complex questions. Connect the dots and test your theories on TOGGLE AI. If you still have a follow up question, we have answers for those too! What will happen to this company if they miss earnings?What will will happen to my portfolio if inflation rises?What will happen to my positions if S&P 500 drops?

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Stay current and stay informed

Between Elon Musk's Twitter, the news, and memestock hype on Reddit, the sheer amount of information can feel overwhelming, even for experienced traders. TOGGLE will help you filter out the noise and hone in on what actually matters with notifications on what's important to your portfolio or watchlist. TOGGLE AI: You have Nike in your portfolio. They’re about to announce EPS for Q3.TOGGLE AI: Here are 5 news stories that might affect your portfolio.TOGGLE AI: Your portfolio may see a rebound after the latest jobs report.

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Trade on TOGGLE AI

Trade directly on TOGGLE AI when you have an IBKR or Tradestation account. Have your favorite investing tools right at your fingertips and you don't even have to leave the platform to make your trades!

Hey TOGGLE, if inflation results are worse than expected tomorrow, what will happen to my portfolio?

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How does it work?

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Founded by the pros, for everyone.

TOGGLE’s award-winning suite of investing tools was founded by professional investors who have worked at Lombard Odier, Duquesne, Fortress, AllianceBernstein, Brevan Howard, and more. In fact, Stanley Druckenmiller was our earliest investor (thanks Stan, we owe you one).

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TOGGLE AI speaks your language.

Chat GPT is just one of many Large Language Models that will transform how we communicate with machines. We are giving ChatGPT a crash course in finance. Our institutional-grade data is already trusted by leading hedge funds, banks, and professional investors. What makes us different? Now you can access this information in a two-way conversation, with plain language.

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How can I leverage TOGGLE today?

TOGGLE has a variety of applications and offerings for every client need.

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Asset Management and Capital Markets

Instantly leverage our intuitive AI-driven analytics layer across trading desks, research, and strategy.

Wealth Management and Brokerages

Bring the best in AI-driven insights to advisors and their clients, as well as self-directed investors of all types.

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