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Backed by Stanley Druckenmiller, Toggle AI answers your market questions in natural language. Best consumed with curiosity. Sign up for our Daily Brief to see exclusive previews of Chat in action, every market trading day. You’ll be the first to know when we launch!

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TOGGLE has a variety of applications and offerings for every client need.

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We train Large Language Models to invest

TOGGLE AI teaches Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT skills like recognizing investment opportunities, monitoring portfolios, analyzing scenarios, and more, using institutional-grade data and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms.

Large Language Models

We train specialized LLMs with our decades of expertise in financial markets. From analyzing 10-Ks to structuring complex option trades, to rebalancing a client’s portfolio, TOGGLE AI understands basic and advanced financial concepts.

Created for professional investors

Backed by Stanley Druckenmiller and other hedge fund titans, TOGGLE’s team brings world-class investing AI tools to its users. TOGGLE AI boasts a current user base of over 100,000 investors across the globe, including brokerages, hedge funds, family offices, and more.

Investing AI

TOGGLE’s proprietary AI tools deliver smart solutions to nearly every investing use case. Assess only the most salient aspects of a security, find new ideas, and make client management easier than ever. Tap into TOGGLE AI’s world-class tools today.

TOGGLE AI is your trusty investing copilot

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