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TradeStation and TOGGLE have joined forces to provide TradeStation account holders with direct trade execution on TOGGLE AI platform.

Receive the latest investment technology and insights, get dedicated client support, and trade stocks commission-free when you open a new TradeStation account!

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TOGGLE x Tradestation

“TradeStation has made it a cornerstone of our mission to offer the best technology and education for our users. The partnership between TradeStation and TOGGLE AI is a milestone for both companies and underscores the growing importance of leveraging AI in the financial services industry.” - John Bartleman, TradeStation CEO

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How to sign-up for TradeStation to receive your perks!

What will I get?

  • Trade directly on TOGGLE AI when you open a TradeStation account. Receive dedicated client support, cutting-edge AI tools, and trade commision-free.

What do I need to do?

  • number one

    Open a Tradestation account with the below link

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    Please use the link above or use code TOGGAGIN when opening a new account.

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Trade directly on TOGGLE AI and get commission-free trading.

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Serious Trading

Price Improvement

In the third quarter of 2022 alone, TradeStation delivered $16,160,934.09 worth of price improvement to our customers for equity and options orders.

$3.28 average price improvement per order filled. All marketable and marketable limit option orders.


Faster and Better

0.038 seconds speed covered market orders 100-4999 shares.

94.21% at or better covered market orders and marketable limit equity 100-4999 shares.