Our mission

Even the odds for every investor

TOGGLE AI team london office

TOGGLE was founded on a simple idea: that investors of all shapes and sizes should have help finding good ideas - making the latest investment technology and insights accessible to all. We lower barriers and provide greater access to financial information and market insights. Together, we are building products and services that help make all investors better. Just as we focus on our customers, we also strive to create an inclusive environment where our employees can thrive and do impactful work. We are proud of the world class products and company culture we continue to build.

Our Values

We firmly believe in...

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Making financial information simple, focused, and understandable is hard work. But we believe that by sticking to this goal, we can make something really special.



We utilize access to the latest technologies and resources to create the best possible platform. We're not afraid to try new things and iterate until we get it right.



Any passionate trader will tell you that investing is fun. We believe that anyone can be successful, with the right tools. We're on a mission to make sure no one sees investing as daunting or tiresome – it should be fun.

Our team


jan szilagyi
🇸🇮 Jan Szilagyi
🇮🇹 Giuseppe Sette
armenak headshot
🇫🇷 Armenak Mayalian

Engineering + Technology

🇬🇧 Aubrey D.
Senior Backend Developer
🇫🇷 Romain F.
Senior Backend Developer
Screenshot 2022-05-10 at 11.11.01.png
🇵🇹 António L.
Backend Developer
🇷🇸 Katarina P.
Backend Developer
Vipin Headshot
🌏 Vipin A.
Backend Developer
🪐Ali T.
Lead Engineer
🇵🇱 Jakub M.
Senior Frontend Engineer
Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 09.37.51.png
🇬🇧 Alex E.
Senior Frontend Engineer
🇺🇸Kihaen B.
Frontend Engineer
lei shi
🎯 Lei S.
Lead Data Scientist & Python Developer
🇨🇳 Dong W.
Backend Developer
Francis Z Headshot
🇹🇼 Francis Z.
Junior AI Developer
🇨🇳 Pansy P.
Quantitative Data Analytics Engineer
🤠 Karan K.
Client Support Engineer
🏋️‍♀️ Jenny P.
Head of UX
Ioannis i
🇬🇷 Ioannis I.
Senior UI Designer
Luis Prates headshot
🧑🏻‍💻 Luis P.
DevOps Engineer
Lina K. Headshot
🎨 Lina K.
Lead QA Engineer
Mihran A Headshot
🎸 Mihran A.
Project Manager
👩🏼‍💻 Mariia Z.
Machine Learning and AI Engineer

Business + Operations

jim l
🇯🇵 Jim Lee
Head of TOGGLE Asia
⭐️ RJ Assaly
Chief Product Officer
Eamon T. Headshot
⚽️ Eamon T.
Head of Product: Knowledge Graph
Will J
🇺🇸 Will Jacobsen
Head of Partnerships
Kate S
🇺🇸 Kate S.
Digital Marketing Associate
Euri P
🇺🇸 Euri P.
Head of Content & Growth
toggle operations associate.jpeg
🎤 Giulia L.
Executive Assistant & Office Manager
Alvaro A
🇧🇴 Alvaro A.
Chief Legal Officer
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Our locations

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New York

1460 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
Tel. +1 (646) 395-8220
Great Britain


8-12 Broadwick St
London W1F 8HN
Tel. +44 20 3488 3731
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1-6-1 Otemachi
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004
Tel. +81 (0)50 5534 9351