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Toggle Insights have outperformed average retail investors by 18%. Get the right tools and supercharge your investing.

About us

Created and endorsed by industry veterans

TOGGLE AI was founded by professional investors who have worked at Lombard Odier, Duquesne, Fortress, AllianceBernstein, Brevan Howard, and more. In fact, Stanley Druckenmiller was our earliest investor (thanks Stan, we owe you one).
Stanley Druckenmiller
20/20 Vision

Get a comprehensive overview for over 40,000 assets

Three out of four retail traders will lose most of their money within their first year. It's time to stop letting other people do your research for you. TOGGLE's asset overview gives you the birds-eye view of over 40,000 assets across all classes, geographies, and instruments.
Best in class

Award winning software and UX

TOGGLE AI was named the winner of “Best Financial Research Company” at Benzinga’s 2021 Global Fintech Awards, along with companies like Visa, Charles Schwab, and Ark Investments.
Benzinga Global Fintech Award Winner Badge
Expensive ≠ Good

Everyone should have access to the right tools

Investors can either choose from shoddy trading signals, or overwhelming investing tools like Bloomberg that cost upwards of $30,000 per year. At TOGGLE, we believe no one should be left in the deep end without the right data and tools to keep their portfolios afloat.
Invest smarter

Built for investors of all stripes

Join a community of 100,000 users, and counting. The TOGGLE community ranges from Robinhood users to professional investment managers at the world’s largest hedge funds.
What makes TOGGLE different?

Leverage machine learning to make your most confident trades

TOGGLE analyzes billions of real-time, fundamental data points so you don’t have to. Explore over 35,000 assets across all classes and discover actionable trading insights today.

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Leverage best-in-class machine learning to take your investing to the next level.

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Discover new trade ideas

TOGGLE’s AI analyzes over 35,000 assets (including crypto) and distills observations into actionable insights. Filter by region, asset class, sector, market cap, drivers, and more.


Perform due diligence

Crystal balls don’t exist. We won’t tell you where to go but we’ll show you how to get there by monitoring all market and fundamental data, all in real-time. No signals here.


Focus your attention

What’s undervalued? What news stories should you pay attention to? Which stocks might be headed for a rebound? Filter out the noise and hone in on what actually matters.

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Test your theories

What happens to EV stocks when oil prices drop? How will inflation affect how commodities behave? Connect the dots and test every market scenario you can imagine.