Published February 8th 2024

Daily Brief - Earnings Extravaganza

TLDR: In yesterday's financial roundup, the spotlight shone brightly on Chipotle, Ford, and Estée Lauder, each narrating a tale of resilience, innovation, and strategic finesse.


Chipotle's fiscal year 2023 report showcased a robust performance, with revenue up 14.3% to $9.9 billion and net income soaring to $1.23 billion. The fast-casual leader's ability to grow comparable restaurant sales by 7.9% and to significantly expand its digital footprint, with digital sales comprising 37.4% of total revenue, underscores a strong consumer appetite for quality dining experiences. The aggressive expansion, adding 271 new outlets, highlights the brand's bullish outlook on the fast-casual sector.

Historically, such earnings surprises have been precursors to appreciating stock values for Chipotle, hinting that investors should be on the lookout for potential gains.

Ford's Q4 earnings reveal a complex picture, balancing a $526 million loss against a yearly profit of $4.3 billion for 2023. Despite the Model e segment's $4.7 billion loss, the automaker's pivot towards EVs and its segmentation into Ford Blue, Ford Model e, and Ford Pro units reflect a strategic adaptation to evolving consumer demands and the competitive EV landscape.

Previous trends suggest that Ford's stock could accelerate, reaching its peak performance approximately a month after earnings announcements of this magnitude.

Estée Lauder reported a 7% net sales decline to $4.28 billion in Q2 fiscal 2024, navigating challenges in Asia travel retail and mainland China while exceeding adjusted EPS expectations. Despite the downturn, Estée Lauder's strategic adjustments, including a restructuring program aimed at boosting profitability and agility, signal a proactive stance against the backdrop of shifting global beauty trends.

In the past, Estée Lauder's stock has typically seen a surge in value a week after surpassing earnings expectations. However, investors are cautioned that this initial luster may fade over time.

Collectively, these earnings sketch a consumer market that is not just alive but kicking, driven by quality demand and strategic spending.

Market Movers: When Ford beats estimates?

Here is the historical performance of Ford's peers based on previous earnings beats of $0.16:

The top 3 performing stocks on a 1-month horizon are:

  1. Tesla (TSLA) with a return of 7.82%
  2. Li Auto ADR (LI) with a return of 6.60%
  3. Ford (F) with a return of 5.74%

The bottom 3 performing stocks on a 1-month horizon are:

  1. Lucid Group (LCID) with a return of -9.43%
  2. Polestar Automotive Holding Uk Plc (PSNY) with a return of -7.12%
  3. Nio ADR (NIO) with a return of -2.63%

Earnings Update: Disney reports tonight

Disney reports tonight

Analysts are closely watching Disney's performance, especially focusing on the company's streaming services and its strategic cost-cutting measures. There's a significant interest in seeing how Disney+ and other direct-to-consumer platforms are contributing to the company's bottom line, amidst the competitive landscape of streaming services.

Additionally, Disney's theme parks, experiences, and products segment remains a critical area of interest, given its historical importance to the company's revenue and profit growth

Discover how other companies could react post earnings with the help of TOGGLE's WhatIF Earnings tool.

Asset Spotlight: Conocophillips's 14D Price RSI

Conocophillips's 14D Price RSI

In the 15 past occurrences when Conocophillips's 14D Price RSI rose to 63.35, analysis from Toggle indicated a pattern of a median upward movement in the stock price over the following six months.

ConocoPhillips is scheduled to report its earnings tomorrow before the market opens and expectations are mixed. Some analysts anticipate a year-over-year decline in earnings due to lower revenues, while others, including UBS, predict that ConocoPhillips will report earnings per share above market estimates.

Daily Brief - Earnings Extravaganza

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