Published February 3rd 2024

Daily Brief - Earnings galore in tech town

TLDR: In a dramatic twist to the tech earnings season, Apple, Meta Platforms, and Amazon have all posted numbers that would make any investor's heart skip a beat.


Starting with Apple, a revenue of $119.58 billion marks a triumphant return to growth, driven by its iPhone 15 lineup. The tech behemoth, however, grapples with slowing sales in China, raising eyebrows among the analyst community.

Despite this hiccup, the growth in services such as Apple TV+ and iCloud is nothing short of impressive, contributing $23.12 billion in sales. But wait, there's more...

Meta Platforms, the social media juggernaut, has left market watchers agog with a revenue surge to $40.1 billion. The cherry on top? A first-ever dividend of $0.50 per share, signaling confidence despite the $4.65 billion loss in its Reality Labs segment.

Amazon, not to be outdone, reported a robust 14% rise in revenue to $170 billion, thanks to a record-breaking holiday season and its cloud computing arm, AWS. This performance is particularly striking given the intense rivalry with Microsoft's cloud services.

It's not just about online shopping anymore; Amazon's foray into healthcare, automotive partnerships, and sports broadcasting is turning heads.

Can these tech titans maintain their momentum in the face of economic uncertainties and fierce competition? Only time will tell. For now, investors can bask in the glow of these stellar reports.

Market Movers: When Meta surges?

Here is the historical performance of Meta peers on a median basis post a surge in Meta stock:

The top 3 performing stocks:

  1. CRM (Salesforce) with a 1-month return of 4.03%
  2. SPOT (Spotify) with a 1-month return of 1.22%
  3. NVDA (Nvidia) with a 1-month return of 1.02%

The bottom 3 performing stocks:

  1. SNAP (Snap Inc.) with a 1-month return of -30.00%
  2. SHOP (Shopify) with a 1-month return of -21.98%
  3. AMZN (Amazon) with a 1-month return of -11.45%

Earnings Update: McDonald's reports tonight

mcdonalds earnings

McDonald's is scheduled to release its Q4 earnings report on Monday, February 5, at 6:00 a.m. Central Time.

The company has shown strong performance in recent quarters, consistently beating earnings per share (EPS) and revenue estimates. For this quarter, McDonald's is expected to report an EPS of $2.83 on $6.45 billion in revenue.

Discover how other companies could react post earnings with the help of TOGGLE's WhatIF Earnings tool.

Asset Spotlight: Native transaction value at a low

bitcoin transaction value at a low

In reviewing 10 similar cases where Bitcoin's native transaction value was at a low, it has typically been observed that the crypto's price tends to rise over the subsequent six months.

The term "native transaction value" refers to the total value of all transactions conducted on the Bitcoin network. It reflects the economic activity happening directly on the blockchain, excluding any transactions that happen off-chain or on secondary markets.

Daily Brief - Earnings galore in tech town

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