Published January 31st 2020

Surprising Results from AI Analysis of Geopolitical Risk Data

Toggle, a provider of next-generation data analytics for discretionary investors, will be adding the PRS Group’s comprehensive suite of political risk data.

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Geopolitical and country risk is of paramount importance for many investors, yet it is difficult to find relevant data on which analysis can be done. PRS is the leading provider of quantitative Political Risk indicators. Toggle is excited to combine its cutting-edge AI with PRS’ world class data, helping market participants gauge risks and gain unparalleled insights.

The true alternative data revolution starts now...making non-traditional data an integral part of any investment process.

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Toggle is revolutionizing investment software by combining artificial intelligence, distributed computing, and advanced visualization to give investors the ultimate 360° view of markets.

Investors say they are paralyzed by the everexpanding ocean of data they’re expected to use when making investment decisions. Toggle’s intuitive next-gen tools help money managers take better care of their positions by reducing cognitive overload, supporting investment processes, and aiding tactics and risk management.

Toggle’s professional-grade analytics platform takes cutting-edge AI & computational technologies previously only available to a few elite quantitative hedge funds and pairs them with an intuitive, familiar, and modern user interface, delivering insights to and augmenting the skills of discretionary investors in a streamlined manner.

Founded in the spring of 2019, Toggle is backed by preeminent hedge fund managers, led by the Duquesne Family Office, and its senior team consists of veteran hedge fund managers and technologists from firms such as Duquesne, Brevan Howard, and Fortress.


For over 40 years, The PRS Group ( has been the world’s leading quant-driven geopolitical and country risk forecasting and rating firm, with a clientele that includes the largest institutional investors and hedge funds, transnational companies, central banks and sovereign wealth funds, and leading research scientists.

Independently back-tested since the 1990s, cited as a “leading organization in investment risk analysis” by famed hedge fund investor, Jim Rogers, and distinguished as ‘the most authoritative in the field’ by leading academics in major trade and scholarly journals, PRS’ risk-driven investment portfolios have produced returns of over 20% with less risk and less volatility. The firm has been profiled in Barron’s, the WSJ, the Financial Times, Bloomberg, and CNBC.

PRS’ data series are the longest and most comprehensive that can be found anywhere, and two proprietary methodologies for assessing risk are available: the International Country Risk Guide (ICRG), and Political Risk Services (PRS). The combined data of these two products can be found in CountryData Online (CDO). A number of products based on the two risk rating systems are offered.

In addition to providing risk data and forecasts, PRS also works with select governments globally with an aim to improving their overall business and investment climates, and with private firms involved in commercial litigation.

Surprising Results from AI Analysis of Geopolitical Risk Data

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