Published January 24th 2023

TOGGLE AI Unveils Novel Educational App, WhatIF: Earnings

As a part of their commitment to increasing financial literacy and democratizing access to data, the award-winning team at TOGGLE developed WhatIF: Earnings, a first-of-its-kind app that enables any user to harness the power of data and artificial intelligence to understand earnings.

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TOGGLE AI, the award-winning investing dashboard, announced today the launch of WhatIF: Earnings℠, an educational app centered around earnings announcements and subsequent historical stock performance. WhatIF: Earnings℠ is a novel app in the fintech industry, with millions of historical data points on past earnings announcements analyzed and distilled into a free, easy-to-use experience for investors of all levels.

“We wanted to empower TOGGLE users to better understand the impact of earnings announcements,” said TOGGLE’s Head of Design, Jenny Park. “Not only is WhatIF completely code-free and unpaywalled, we designed it with ease of use in mind, so that anyone can start building their own earning predictions in 10 seconds or less. I believe this tool will be transformative for investors, resulting in more informed and more engaged trading.”

WhatIF: Earnings℠ is an evolution of TOGGLE’s proprietary Scenario tool, which gives users the power to test the impact of market conditions on asset prices in an easy-to-use code-free interface. WhatIF currently covers U.S. and Canadian stocks and can be accessed on web, iOS, and Android. Upcoming earnings will be available for modeling up to two weeks in advance, and results are automatically updated and analyzed on release.

“Earnings are one of the most watched events in the market, yet there are few tools that help users understand the impact and effect of earnings on stock prices,” added TOGGLE’s Chief Product Officer RJ Assaly. “It’s incredible that users are unable to see earnings results instantly and understand the impact on the stock. For example, Goldman Sachs missed estimates by more than two dollars which has only happened one other time in the last decade…during the pandemic. Investors now have that data point at their fingertips and can see that the stock is down 5%, just like it was last time.”

TOGGLE AI users tend to be active investors, having a trading volume that’s two to four times higher than the average, self-directed brokerage client, with TOGGLE’s AI-generated insights outperforming the average retail investor by 17%.

TOGGLE AI is a fintech solution that provides fully autonomous global market analytics and portfolio monitoring services via web, mobile, and API for retail and institutional clients. Over 100,000 traders have signed up for TOGGLE AI, and connected portfolios from dozens of institutions around the globe. Direct trading integrations allow users to engage with TOGGLE's actionable AI-driven insights immediately. TOGGLE uses machine learning and AI to bridge the financial literacy gap for investors and establish a culture of informed trading and sustainable investment.

About TOGGLE TOGGLE AI is an award-winning, intelligent investment dashboard empowering both institutional and retail investors with curated insights on individual securities and their broader portfolios. Like a GPS or copilot for investing, the platform helps investors navigate a wide array of markets with instant insights tailored to their investing style. For more information, please visit

Find the press release here

TOGGLE AI Unveils Novel Educational App, WhatIF: Earnings

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